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Jason Collins pellet waggler

Browning Wickford ace Jason Collins has made a real name for himself in the last couple of years. No matter what the method he’s on the ball – one to watch for the future! Below he shows us how to get the best from the pellet wag on Puddledock’s Road lake.

When fishing the Road lake I like to set up two waggler rods, i like soft but strong rods so I use the browning Syntec force pellet waggler rods, both loaded with 0.18 cenex sinking main line. One will be set up with a loaded 3grm inserted crystal waggler, with an 0.16 hooklength to a size 16 PR28 hook. The second rod will have a loaded 3grm thicker top crystal waggler, again with an 0.16 hooklength but with a size 16 PR27 banded hair rig. Most of the shots on both rigs are bulked around the floats with one number 9 drop shot.

The Bait
My bait table is very simple for waggler fishing it consists of three pints of 4mm hard pellets, 3 pints of 6mm hard pellets and some 6mm expanders for the hook.

The Technique…
The closer you cast your bait to the island the quicker the bite!
Before attaching my hooklength I will practice cast and clip up as close as I can to the far bank cover. I tie all my hook lengths 12 inches long and attach them to my main line, loop to loop. With the main line loop being just under the waggler which will be my depth. I start at this depth as most of the pegs on the far bank average at a foot tight. When fishing the waggler I prefer to feed with a catapault and cast into the feed. As soon as the float hits the water sink the rod tip under the water and give it a flick to sink and straighten the line, which helps you hit fast bites and stop your line from bowing in the wind. If it doesn’t go under straight away I will feed again leave it for 30 seconds, reel in, and repeat the same procedure. If there are plenty of carp around i will use the thicker topped float with the banded 6 mm hard pellet as they are aggressive in feeding and more often than not take it on the drop. Sometimes smaller carp and brown goldfish can be caught a foot off the bank, up in the water using the more sensetive inserted waggler with a 6mm expander pellet, as they give more delicate bites.

The feeding depends on the weather conditions and how the fish are feeding. if there is a strong wind on i will feed the 6mm pellets as they are easier to get out there. But I prefer to feed 4mm pellets. How many pellets and at what regularity depends on how quick the bites are comming. If I am getting a bite every cast, i will feed 10 pellets every cast but if bites are slow comming I will feed less bait but more frequently.

80+ lbs bags are not uncommon on the road lake using the waggler on pellet approach. In just 3 hours fishing I have put together ab 80 lbs bag of carp, brown goldfish and tench.