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Sunday Open Match Results


SUNDAY 10 th SEPTEMBER 28 Anglers

Todays match was restricted to 28 as part of the lake was used for a club competition ,Ross Harold led the field narrowly beating Will Reynolds ,Ross  fished the method feeder to start so it was lucky his dad was there to show him how tto use a rod and reel , later after using up all his line he switched to the pole down the edge.

1 st Ross Harold              Matrix                                    169.13.0.  peg 44.

2 nd Will Reynolds           Guru mainline                        169.12.0        peg 52

3rd   Dave Harold            Ock B T                                  129.0.0.         peg 48

4th   Barry Riley               Ock B T                                  125.12.0        peg 82

5th   Graham Dack          Maruku                                   118.2.0          peg 95

6th   Bill Reynolds           Guru mainline                         116.12.0        peg 70


Higgo did not fish, but Mr Hood did





SUNDAY 27th  August. 39  anglers.

On a glorious bank holiday  Sunday the Reynolds clan  took advantage of  Higgos bad draw and took the top two spots,fishery manager Steve Mould  made a rare appearance and drew sock on.( that’s how you do it Mr. Hood).


1st       W Reynolds  Guru mainline      162.0.0.                Peg 5

2nd      B Reynolds   Guru mainline       133.0.0.                      1

3rd       S Murray       Ock B T                124.0.0.                     27

4th       S James        Ock B T                119.12.0                    53

5th       T Todd           Ock B T                112.8.0                      41

6th       S Mould         Ock B T                107.4.0                      44



Higgo also fished.




20 th August

The day after the southern semi-final the Ross and Will show returned, yet another repeat.
We will have to come up with a handicap system soon ( suggestions in Daves shop )

1 ST Will Reynolds Mainline/ Guru 214.14.0. peg 58
2 nd Ross Harold Matrix 199.14.0. peg 94
3 rd Martin Andrews S&J Baits 153.4.0. peg 98
4 th Dave Harold O.B.T. 140.12.0. peg 38
5 th Ricky Spense O.B.T. 138.0.0. peg 7
6 th Alan Tuck Angling Direct Suffolk 104.14.0. peg 48

Higgo also fished