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Wednesday Open Match Results

Thirty one anglers fished today some practising for the upcoming Angling Times semi final on Saturday but it was one of the regulars who topped the field run a close second by ” lucky ” Ross.
Jay Martin fished his normal method starting across shallow then down the track ending up down the edge similar tatics used by Ross and the youthful Higgo ( not )

1st Jay Martin 220.10.0. peg 26 Team Martin
2nd Ross Harold 213.2.0. peg 93 Ockendon Bait and Tackle
3rd Mike Head 169.4.0. peg 50 Carp Shop
4th Dan Knight 144.8.0. peg 57 Carp Shop
5th Andrew Farley 144.0.0. peg 44
6th Tom Martin 137.0.0. peg 54 Team Martin

Mr Hood also fished and won his section