Puddledock has four superb lakes to suit varied fishing styles

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Snake Lake

Designed as a purpose built,100 peg, competition lake the Snake is approximately 14 metres wide and 1.5 metres deep. The pegs are 13 metres apart on average with established reed and rushes on near and far banks. The lake holds regular open matches every Sunday and Wednesday and the winning weight regularly tops the 100lb …

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Road Lake

Road Lake A 30 peg true mixed lake. The Road Lake is probably the most popular lake at Puddledock with its varied species and close proximity to both car parks. The Road Lake has one long island up the centre, 20 metres from the bank, depth is roughly 1.6metres, lending itself to waggler and feeder …

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Wood Lake

Set in a backdrop of an established wood, the Wood Lake is the specimen lake at Puddledock. Stocking is pretty much carp only with a good head of fish in the 12lb to 18lb range, with fish in the low 20’s rising to 30lb. There are also lots of smaller homebred carp in the Wood …

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Islands Lake

A 24 peg lake created to satisfy the carp bagging enthusiast, Island Lake is carp only but different to many carp puddles in as much that it is not a whole in the ground but set at the quiet end of the site with established hedgerow and stream / woodland on two sides. Carp from …

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