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Snake Lake

Designed as a purpose built,100 peg, competition lake the Snake is approximately 14 metres wide and 1.5 metres deep. The pegs are 13 metres apart on average with established reed and rushes on near and far banks. The lake holds regular open matches every Sunday and Wednesday and the winning weight regularly tops the 100lb mark.

Carp (20lb), Bream (4lb), Tench (4lb), Chub (3lb), Roach (2lb), Crucian and Brown Goldfish (2lb) and Rudd (12oz). Although designed as a competition lake, pleasure anglers enjoy the snake as there is usually a secluded, peaceful spot and with the carp a good average size there is usually something to put a bend in the rod.

Suggested Baits
Summer: Meat, Corn, Pellet, Catmeat and Paste Winter: Maggot, Pellet, Worm and Caster.